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Tcode to find all the tables in SAP

In this blog post we will see commands to find all the tables in SAP. To find the list of all the tables in SAP, Go to transaction SE16 an...


SAP Basis Administration

SAP Basis Administration describes about the fundamentals of the administration of the SAP system. SAP Basis this word is not single! Yes,...


Different Locks in SAP

Why object locks? These locks are used in sap for preventing concomitant change of an object by two developers. The locking system is ma...


SAP Basis and SAP NetWeaver

Basis is a unique layer in the SAP architecture. SAP Basis acts as a linking bridge between the operating system, database, network archit...


SAP Basis Transaction Codes

This SAP transaction code is nothing but a shortcut key that is attached to a screen. This transaction code is a ...


SAP Basis Interview Questions

What is the full form of the word B.A.S.I.S.? SAP Basis means Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions. 1)  What guarante...

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