Tcode to find all the tables in SAP

In this blog post we will see commands to find all the tables in SAP. To find the list of all the tables in SAP, Go to transaction SE16 and enter the below mentioned table name to get the list of SAP Tables.
Table Name - Description
D010TAB - All SAP Table with Report Name
DD02L - All SAP tables
DD02T - All SAP table texts
for eg : If we want to find all the SAP tables with text, then Goto SE16 tcode and enter table name as " DD02T " and press " Enter".
In the following screen, If you would like to know the details about USR tables then mention from and to info and enter number of hits and press execute button.

How to find tables in SAP

T code for finding tables in SAP

Select the Table and press display to get the details of the table.
Tcode for finding all tables in SAP 1283170454556902672

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