SAP Basis Interview Questions

What is the full form of the word B.A.S.I.S.?

SAP Basis means Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions.

1)  What guarantees the integration of all application modules?

The R/3 basis system guarantees the integration of all application modules.  The R/3 basis s/w provides the run time environment for the R/3 applications ensures optimal integration, defines a stable architectural frame for system enhancements, and contains the administration tools for the entire system.
One of the main tasks of the basis system is to guarantee the portability of the complete system.
SAP Basis Interview Questions

2) What are the roll and page areas?
  • Roll and page areas are SAP R/3 buffers used to store user contexts (process requests).  The SAP dispatcher assigns process requests to work processes as they are queued in the roll and page areas.
  • Paging area holds data from the application programs.
  • Roll area holds data from previous dialog steps and data that characterize the user.
3) What are the different layers in R/3 system?
  • Presentation Layer.
  • Application Layer.
  • Database Layer.
4) What are the phases of background processing?
  • Job Scheduling.
  • Job Processing.
  • Job Overview.
5) What is SAP dispatcher?

SAP dispatcher is the control agent that manages the resources for the R/3 applications.

6) What are the functions of dispatcher?
  • Equal distribution of transaction load to the work processes.
  • Management of buffer areas in main memory.
  • Integration of the presentation levels.
  • Organization of communication activities.
7) What is a work process?

A work process is where individual dialog steps are actually processed and the work is done.  Each work process handles one type of request.

8) Name various work processes of R/3 system?
  • Dialog or Online (processes only one request at a time).
  • Background (Started at a specific time)
  • Update (primary or secondary)
  • Enque (Lock mechanism).
  • Spool (generated online or during back ground processing for printing).
9) Explain about the two services that are used to deal with communication?
  • Message Service: Used by the application servers to exchange short internal messages, all system communications.
  • Gateway Service: Enables communication between R/3 and external applications using CPI-C protocol.
10) Which work process triggers database changes?

Update work process.

11) Define service (within R/3)?

A service is a process or group of processes that perform a specific system function and often provide an application-programming interface for other processes to call.

12) What are the central interfaces of the R/3 system?
  • Presentation Interface.
  • Database Interface.
  • Operating system Interface.
13) Which interface controls what is shown on the p.c.?

Presentation Interface.

14) Which interface converts SQL requirements in the SAP development system to those of the database?

Database Interface.
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