Overview of SAP Basis

SAP Basis means Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions. This SAP Basis is one of the unique layers of SAP architecture. This SAP Basis acts as a connection between the OS (Operating System), Network Architecture, Database and the different types of modules in SAP such as MM, SD, FICO etc.

Overview of SAP Basis

SAP Basis contains client/server type of architecture and configuration, a GUI (Graphical user Interface) and a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). SAP Basis components also contains a development environment for Sap R/3 applications, a user & system administration and also a data dictionary.

SAP NetWeaver is a new product launched by a German company SAP. This supports different types of technologies such as Microsoft .NET, Oracle, Java EE, and IBM WebSphere for customization's and other extending processes for customers.

There are different types of components in SAP NetWeaver. They are:
  • SAP Mobile Infrastructure
  • SAP Enterprise Portal
  • SAP Business Information Warehouse
  • Master Data Management
  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure
  • SAP Web Application Server

At an instance, for comparing both SAP Basis & Sap NetWeaver in the administration point of view, we can say that SAP Basis is the parental root for both SAP NetWeaver & Sap WEB AS. In SAP Basis only ABAP programs can run, because SAP Basis contains only ABAP stack.

Different Types of Users in SAP Basis

There are five types of users in SAP Basis. They are listed as follows:
  • Dialogue
  • System
  • Communication
  • Service
  • Reference

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